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Company Registration

Specialists Law Firm "PRAVOS" have years of experience consulting on choosing and registering a convenient organizational - legal form of enterprise. We provide services in the area of registration of companies, changes in the constituent documents, liquidation and bankruptcy of companies, their reorganization, mergers and acquisitions, as well as accompany the process of buying - selling businesses.


  • Consultancy on selection of the optimal organizational and legal forms of enterprise and business activities.
  • Development of projects the foundation documents for the establishment and state registration of companies.
  • Registration of all the organizational - legal forms of business entities (individuals - entrepreneurs, companies with limited liability, with the additional responsibility, joint stock companies, companies, private enterprises, cooperatives, NGOs, representatives of foreign companies, other).
  • Legal support for the establishment of holding companies, associations of legal entities (associations, corporations, companies), joint ventures, financial companies (asset management companies, credit unions, banks, venture capital investment funds).
  • Legal audit of companies, preparing them for buying / selling.

The last practice of firm in the area of registration of legal entities:

  • Registration Division of the Law Firm "PRAVOS" for the second half of 2009 registered more than 40 new companies, including joint stock companies, limited liability companies, cooperatives, associations in the form of associations and corporation.
  • Legal experts of "PRAVOS" completing the reorganization of several Ukrainian companies to optimize business activities and further education diversified holding.