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Contract Law

Law Firm «PRAVOS» provides services relating to the development, preparation and signing of commercial contracts, agreements and transactions. Specialists Law Firm «PRAVOS» give advice on the сonclusion of an agreement, prepare a report on the legitimacy of any legal instrument and carrying out the process of signing it.


  • Preparation of various economic and civil contracts and agreements;
  • Participation in the negotiation of contracts;
  • Legal analysis and legal evaluation of the various types of contracts;
  • Advisory services on the conclusion of certain contracts, a risk analysis of contract;
  • Legal support of signing contracts.
  • Legal support of business transactions.

The last practice of firm in the area of contract law:

  • Law firm "PRAVOS" with its regional counterparts signed a series of partnership agreements. These agreements provide an opportunity to significantly expand the scope of the Company in such Ukrainian cities as Lviv, Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Kherson. Partnership agreement due, primarily, the need for local representation of the interests of clients in the regions of the country, which will enable prompt and high quality to provide legal services.
  • Legal experts of "PRAVOS" for his client - a tourist company, completed the procedure for obtaining licenses tour operator and travel agent. Have been developed all kinds of treaties and agreements, internal documents regulating labor relations staff of the company.