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Law Firm «PRAVOS» was established in 2007 and provides its clients a wide range of legal and consulting services throughout the territory of Ukraine. Providing a high level of its services, the firm enables clients to receive legal assistance in resolving any legal issues. Our team of experienced professionals is always open to new challenges. We offer several effective ways out of this situation.

We provide legal services to start-up phase of your business.

We accompany and support your business at every stage of its development.

We guarantee your right to success.

Specialization and Practice

We adhere to the principle of narrow realm of the law firm, considering the principle of the main guarantor of success and quality of legal services.

Our specialty is:

  • litigation representation;
  • corporate law;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • antitrust and competition law.

In addition, our practice is:

  • legal services in commercial, economic and civil rights law;
  • liquidation and bankruptcy of enterprises;
  • legal consulting and services.

Your right to success - professional credo of Law Firm «PRAVOS».

Legal services, legal advice Kiev


Summing up the results for the year 2010, the LF «Pravos» informs that in the past year, our experts have taken part in more than 150 lawsuits, of which 135 successful and yielded positive results. Lawyers of LF «Pravos» in 2010 had a legal procedure for dissolution of 14 companies. We accompanied the opening of the new 70 companies, which we hope will take its rightful place in its segment. Was completed on three of the bankruptcy proceedings of companies, a procedure for a merger with the subsequent creation of a business combination.

The company's specialists have advised their clients to obtain credit from foreign banks and obtaining individual licenses. Acted as a legal partner of a foreign company to enter the Ukrainian market and promote products and services to the general public.

In addition, during 2010, we have:

  • received 10 permits AMK of Ukraine on the establishment of associations and corporations;
  • were 15 decisions of the courts, according to which our clients listed more than 10 million hryvnia’s;
  • conducted a legal process of creating the 10 mutual funds;
  • made by the consultants in the advertising business and construction.


LF «Pravos» began the process to establish venture capital funds to his client - a major foreign investor. The purpose of the venture funds - cooperation with financial institutions on penalties payable.